For Investors

I recognize that a lot of tech investors read blogs in order to get a sense of the pulse of the market and gather opinions on companies. Accordingly, I’ve tried to make my blog investor-friendly by tagging posts of material interest (i.e., posts that might change an investor’s opinion of a name) with the ticker symbol of the company. In general, I’ll do this only with more in-depth analysis posts, not with my quick links to news.

I work at Gartner, so I’m explicitly disallowed from making any recommendations to buy or sell stocks, nor do I hold any technology stocks. (Gartner does not allow its analysts to hold related investments of any sort.) My commentary, whether positive or negative, is simply information, not a recommendation.

If you’re a client of Gartner Invest (a service for buy-side institutional investors), and you want to talk to me about anything in my blog or a related topic, please schedule an inquiry through the normal means. I’ll be happy to talk about everything in greater depth via inquiry; I generally will not post the full scope of my thoughts on this blog, in order to preserve the value of client relationships.

The public companies I follow are given here for easy reference.

Content Delivery Networks and Other Internet-Related Services

LLNWLimelight Networks
LVLTLevel 3 Communications
KDQ:073710CD Networks (South Korea)
CCOICogent Communications

Colocation and Managed Hosting

SDXCSwitch and Data
PIXPeer 1 Network (Canada)
QQ9 Networks (Canada)

Data Center REITs (Real Estate Investment Trusts)

DLRDigital Realty Trust
DFTDupont Fabros Technology

Cloud Computing Vendors (strictly in the cloud context)

AMZNAmazon Web Services
GOOGGoogle App Engine
MSFTMicrosoft Azure

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