This generation’s got game

Pew Research just released a report on Teens, Video Games, and Civics. Of particular interest — 99% of boys and 94% of girls play video games. 27% play games with people they connect to via the Internet. 21% of teens play MMOGs, and 10% play virtual worlds (i.e., Habbo Hotel and similar pure-social games). And Guitar Hero topped the favorite-games mentions.

The Pew study is interesting when taken in conjunction with some numbers released released by comScore today, in conjunction with Edward Hunter’s Measuring and Metrics presentation at Austin GDC earlier this week. That provides more demographic detail about the changing gaming market in general.

Bottom line: Lots and lots of casual gamers, and as the teen generation ages up, a growing ubiquity of gaming as an entirely mainstream activity. This is Generation V in action.

(Those of you with Gartner subscriptions might want to check out How ‘Generation V’ Will Change Your Business for my colleague Adam Sarner’s future-looking take on how the 40th-level half-elf from Secaucus, New Jersey, behaves as a customer.)

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