MediaMelon and CDN overlays

MediaMelon has launched, with what they call their “video overlay network“.

I haven’t been briefed by the company yet (although I’ve just sent a request for a briefing), but from the press release and the website, it looks like what they’ve got is a client that utilizes multiple CDNs (and other data sources) to pull and assemble segments of video prior to the user watching the content. The company’s website mentions neither board of directors nor management team, though the press release mentions the CEO, Kumar Subramian.

I’ll post more when I have some details about the company and their technology, but I’ll note that I think that software-based CDN overlay networks are going to be a rising trend. As the high-volume video providers increasingly commoditize their CDN purchases, the value-added services layer will move from CDN-provided and CDN-specific, to CDN-neutral software-only components.

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