Quick takes: Comcast, Cogent, IronScale

Some quick takes on recent news:

Comcast P4P Results. Comcast is one of the ISPs working with hybrid-P2P CDN Pando Networks on a trial, and is showing better numbers than its competitors. The takeaway: Broadband ISPs are actively interested in P2P, CDN, and figuring out a way to monetize all of the video delivery they’re doing to their end-users.

Sprint Depeers Cogent (and Repeers). In this latest round of Cogent’s peering disputes, it’s arguing over a contract it signed with Sprint. The takeaway: Cogent is trying to keep its costs down, and is responsible for driving down bandwidth costs for everyone; its competitors are hitting back, rooted in the belief that Cogent is able to keep its prices low because it isn’t pulling its fair share of traffic carriage, which gets expressed in disputes over peering settlements.

IronScale Launches. RagingWire (a colo provider in Sacramento) has launched a managed hosting offering. Like SoftLayer, this is rapidly-provisioned dedicated servers and associated infrastructure, but unlike most of the competition in this space, it’s a managed solution. The takeaway: Like I wrote almost three years ago, it’s not about virtualization, it’s about flexibility. (“Beyond the Hype“: clients only, sorry.)

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