Quick CloudFront set-up

I’ve got a tiny low-traffic site that I’ve just set up to use Amazon’s CloudFront CDN. I chose to do it the trivial, painless way for now — through RightScale’s dashboard. It just took a couple of minutes, most of which was waiting for systems to recognize the changes. I frankly expect that my content will never be fresh in cache, but doing this will give me something to play with, without actually costing me some unpredictable amount of money. I’ve been meaning to do some similar tinkering with SimpleCDN, too, and eventually with the Rackspace/Limelight cloud CDN (which thus far lacks a snappy short name).

I still have to finish my cloud server testing, too, which I started a few months ago and which keeps being interrupted by other work and personal demands… I always feel a bit guilty keeping demo accounts for long periods of time.

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  1. what is this; Quick CloudFront set-up??


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