The .tel sunrise, and some irony

Telnic would like to become the Internet’s white pages, via the DNS as well as a Web-based presence; the “sunrise” (first registrations) on their .tel domain begins on December 3rd.

In the meantime, they’re taking trial sign-ups. I signed up. Telnic promptly emailed me a registration confirmation, sending my username and password to me in cleartext.

This company would like me to believe that they can be trusted to keep my confidential personal (or business) information secure…

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  1. Hi Lydia,

    Thanks for signing up to the beta test and I appreciate your comments. This isn’t the final delivery system as this will be run by Registrars, not Telnic direct. You’re right to say that information security is a critical component of the .tel and it is made very clear that this beta is run ‘as is’ in advance of commercial availability in the terms and conditions you signed up to when you registered your domain.

    At present, we are running this to show the ability to input public information within the .tel. We will be rolling out privacy at a later date. I do however take your comments on board and have passed these back to the beta team to digest.

    I look forward to hearing your further thoughts and I do hope you’ll also share them directly on in the chat forum so we can take all feedback and build it into the solution for February 3rd.


    Justin Hayward
    Telnic Limited


  2. I completely get that it’s a beta, but even in a beta, someone should have thought, “I shouldn’t email people passwords in cleartext.”


  3. I understand your position. This isn’t how a registrar providing the final solution will be delivering these details, it’s a requirement of us being able to provide help and support if any issues arise. In the live environment, Telnic does not have a relationship with the end user, this is done through the registrar environment and so the solution put in place is one which enables us to run a solution that provides access to the technology and which enables us to provide direct support to the end customer. That said, your point has been fed back and best practice advice being created for registrars for the live environment.

    Thanks Lydia



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