Recent polling results

I’ve just put out a new research report called The Changing Colocation and Data Center Market. Macroeconomic factors have driven major changes in both the supply and demand picture for data center construction, leasing, and colocation, in the last quarter of 2008, continuing into this year. The economic environment has brought about abrupt shift in sourcing strategies, build plans, and the like, driving a ton of inquiry for myself and my colleagues. This report looks at those changes, and presents results from a colocation poll done of attendees at Gartner’s data center conference in December.

Those of you interested in commentary related to that conference might also want to read reports done by colleagues of mine: Too Many Data Center Conference Attendees Are Not Considering Availability and Location Risks in Data Center Siting and Sourcing Decisions, and an issue near and dear to many businesses right now, how to stretch out their money and current data center life, Pragmatic Guidance on Data Center Energy Issues for the Next 18 Months.

Reports are clients-only, sorry.

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