Who is Distribution Cloud?

Matthew Sacks has blogged Keynote performance test results for Akamai via Distribution Cloud.

There are other Akamai resellers out there, but Distribution Cloud posts its prices publicly, starting at 50 GB for $150 per month ($3/GB), and going up to 1 TB for $2,200/month ($2.20/GB), with storage at $15/GB. That’s 10x the cost of Limelight with a Rackspace Cloud Files origin ($0.22/GB, no commit) — definitely not a commodity price, so it’s really the low commit that makes this interesting.

But the blog post got me wondering: Who is Distribution Cloud, anyway? Their website lists a phone number and the fact they’re in Cambridge, MA, but no address or anything else that indicates who the company is. A search on the phone number turns up that it’s registered to a David Reisfeld at 94 Rice St, phone service courtesy of Level 3. LinkedIn and Naymz have listings for a person who seems to match: a senior director, product management, CDN streaming services, at Level 3 — formerly a senior product manager at Akamai.

But that only deepens the mystery. Did Reisfeld run a reseller (since 2002, the site claims) while employed at Akamai, with the blessing of his employer? Is he fronting for a buddy? Is he still doing it while employed at a competitor, or is the name for the phone listing not current? If it’s not his company, whose is it?

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