Cloud IaaS adoption survey

My colleagues and I are planning to field a survey about cloud computing adoption (specifically, infrastructure as a service), both to assess current attitudes towards cloud IaaS as well as ask people about their adoption plans. The target respondents for the survey will be IT buyers.

We have some questions that we know we want to ask (and that we know our clients, both end-users and vendors, are curious about), and some hypotheses that we want to test, but I’ll ask in this open forum, in an effort to try to ensure the survey is maximally useful: What are the cloud-adoption survey questions whose answers would cause you to change your cloud-related decision-making? (You can reply in a comment, send me email, or Twitter @cloudpundit.)

I expect survey data will help vendors alter their tactical priorities and may alter their strategic plans, and it may assist IT buyers in figuring out where they are relative to the “mainstream” plans (useful when talking to cautious business leadership worried about this newfangled cloud thing).

Somewhat peripherally: Following up on earlier confusion, a potshot was taken at the popularity of surveys at large analyst firms. I’ll note that I’m very much a fan of surveys, and if I had infinite budget to work with, I’d probably field a lot more of them. Surveys are (hopefully) not just blind firing of questions into the populace. Intelligent survey design is an art form (as is proper fielding of a survey). Asking the right questions — forming testable hypotheses whose implications are actionable by clients, and getting good information density out of the questions you ask (looking for patterns in the correlations, not just the individual answers) — is incredibly important if you’re going to get something maximally useful out of the money you spent. Data analysis can drive insights that you wouldn’t have otherwise been able to obtain and/or prove.

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