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Today, Amazon announced a new enhancement to its EC2 compute service, called Virtual Private Cloud (VPC). Amazon’s CTO, Werner Vogels, has, as usual, provided some useful thoughts on the release, accompanied by his thoughts on private clouds in general. And as always, the RightScale blog has a lucid explanation.

So what, exactly, is VPC?

VPC offers network isolation to instances (virtual servers) running in Amazon’s EC2 compute cloud. VPC instances do not have any connectivity to the public Internet. Instead, they only have Internet VPN connectivity (specifically, an IPsec VPN tunnel), allowing the instances to seem as if they’re part of the customer’s private network.

For the non-techies among my readers: Think about the way you connect your PC to a corporate VPN when you’re on the road. You’re on the general Internet at the hotel, but you run a VPN client on your laptop that creates a secure, encrypted tunnel over the Internet, between your laptop and your corporate network, so it seems like your laptop is on your corporate network, with an IP address that’s within your company’s internal address range.

That’s basically what’s happening here with VPC — the transport network is still the Internet, but now there’s a secure tunnel that “extends” the corporate network to an external set of devices. The virtual instances get corporate IP addresses (Amazon now even supports DHCP options), and although of course the traffic is still coming through your Internet gateway and you are experiencing Internet performance/latency/availability, devices on your corporate WAN “think” the instances are local.

To set this up, you use new features of the Amazon API that lets you create a VPC container (a logical construct for the concept of your private cloud), subnets, and gateways. When you actually activate the VPN, you begin paying 5 cents an hour to keep the tunnel up. You pay normal Amazon bandwidth charges on top of that (remember, your traffic is still going over the Internet, so the only extra expense to Amazon is the tunnel itself).

When you launch an EC2 instance, you can now specify that it belongs to a particular VPC subnet. A VPC-enabled instance is not physically isolated from the rest of EC2; it’s still part of the general shared pool of capacity. Rather, the virtual privacy is achieved via Amazon’s proprietary networking software, which they use to isolate virtual instances from one another. (It is not intra-VM firewalling per se; Amazon says this is layer 2 network isolation.)

At the moment, an instance can’t be both be part of a VPC and accessible to the general Internet, which means that this doesn’t solve a common use case — the desire to use a private network for back-end administration or data, but still have the server accessible to the Internet so that it can be customer-facing. Expect Amazon to offer this option in the future, though.

As it currently stands, with an EC2 instance with VPC limited to communicating with other instances within the VPC, as well as the corporate network, this solves the use case of customers who are using EC2 for purely internally-facing applications and are seeking a more isolated environment. While some customers are going to want to have genuinely private network connectivity (i.e., the ability to drop an MPLS VPN connection into the data center), a scenario that Amazon is unlikely to support, the VPC offering is likely to serve many needs.

Note, by the way, that the current limitation on communication also means that EC2 instances can’t reach other Amazon Web services, including S3. (However, EBS does work, as far as I know.) While monitoring is supported, load-balancing is not. Thus, auto-scaling functionality, one of the more attractive recent additions to the platform, is limited.

VPN connectivity for cloud servers is not a new thing in general, and part of what Amazon is addressing with this release is a higher-security option, for those customers who are uncomfortable with the fact that Amazon, unlike most of its competitors, does not offer a private VLAN to each customer. For EC2 specifically, there have been software-only approaches, like CohesiveFT’s VPN-Cubed. Other cloud compute service providers have offered VPN options, including GoGrid and SoftLayer. What distinguishes the Amazon offering is that the provisioning is fully automated, and the technology is proprietary.

This is an important step forward for Amazon, and it will probably cause some re-evaluations by prospective customers who previously rejected an Amazon solution because of the lack of connectivity options beyond public Internet only.

Cloud services are evolving with extraordinary rapidity. I always caution customers not to base deployment plans for one year out on the current state of the technology, because every vendor is evolving so rapidly that the feature that’s currently missing and that you really want has, assuming it’s not something wacky and unusual, a pretty high chance of being available when you’re actually ready to start using the service in a year’s time.

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  3. Amazon VPC has been awesome. I love the cloud technology, keep it up Jeff!


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