The next round-up of links

Renesys has posted its yearly ranking of Internet transit providers. For anyone interested in understanding how transit volumes across various networks are changing, this should be very interesting data.

Ryan Kearney’s Comparing CDN Performance is an interesting overview of cloud CDNs. His methodology is flawed by the limited number of locations he’s testing from, but his comparison charts of features and whatnot are a handy reference for anyone who’s looking at file delivery off the cloud. (And for those who have missed the announcement: don’t forget the Windows Azure CDN, which presumably uses the tech that Microsoft licensed from Limelight.)

Jack of All Clouds has some nice graphs in a State of the Cloud post, showing sites (out of the top 500,000 sites) hosted by various public clouds.

Rich Miller rounds up a Slashdot discussion on how many servers an admin can manage. I’ll throw in my two cents that it’s not just a matter of how many people you have in true systems operations — you also have to look at what you invested in tools and the people to write and maintain those tools. There’s a TCO to be looked at here. Tools scale; people don’t. Anyone operating at dot-com or service provider scale rapidly develops a passion for automating everything humanly possible (or agrees that they’ll be giving up on sleep). But for the enterprise, tools implementations often don’t go as well as one might hope.

And on a Jim Cramer note, Rich Miller also has a fun round-up of data center stock performance in 2009 and since Cramer’s call.

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