HostingCon keynote slides

My HostingCon keynote slides are now available. Sorry for the delay in posting these slides — I completely spaced on remembering to do so.

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  1. Hi, Lydia,

    Are you sure about classifying the Windows Azure Platform as IaaS? Everyone one else, including Microsoft, classifies it as PaaS.




  2. It’s PaaS. Not sure where it’s marked as IaaS?


  3. Hi, Lydia,

    See exemplar “Slicing the Cloud” slide posted to my blog (scroll down a bit.)




  4. Ah. As far as I know (this is a standard Gartner cloud graphics slide), that’s intended to show Microsoft as a hypervisor/tools vendor, rather than representing Azure. (Same reason VMware’s logo also appears; they are an arms merchant at the infrastructure layer.)


  5. Was there a video of this presentation? I would love to hear the content around the bullet points.




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