Symposium 1-on-1 trends

My 1-on-1 schedule is filling rapidly. (People who didn’t pre-book, you’re in luck: I was only added to the system on Friday or so, so I still have openings, at least as of this writing.)

Trend-watchers might be interested in how these break down so far:
17 on cloud
8 on colocation
4 on hosting
2 on CDN

(A few of these mention two topics, such as ‘colo and cloud’, and are counted twice above.)

Slightly over half the cloud 1-on-1s so far are about cloud strategy in general; the remainder are about infrastructure specifically.

What’s also interesting to me is that the 1-on-1s scheduled prior to on-site registration appear to be more about colocation and hosting, but the on-site 1-on-1 requests are very nearly pure cloud. I’m not sure what that signifies, although I expect the conversations may be illuminating in this regard.

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