EdgeCast joins the ADN fray

EdgeCast has announced the beta of its new application delivery network service. For those of you who are CDN-watchers, that means it’s leaping into the fray with Akamai (Dynamic Site Accelerator and Web Application Accelerator, bundles where DSA is B2C and WAA is B2B), Cotendo’s DSA, and CDNetworks’s Dynamic Web Acceleration. EdgeCast’s technology is another TCP optimization approach, of the variety commonly used in application delivery controllers (like F5’s Web Application Accelerator) and WAN optimization controllers (like Riverbed).

EdgeCast seems to be gaining traction with my client base in the last few weeks — they’re appearing in a lot more shortlists. This appears to be the direct result of aggressive SEO-based marketing.

What’s important about this launch: EdgeCast isn’t just a standalone CDN. It is also a CDN partner to many carriers, and it is deriving an increasingly larger percentage of its revenue by selling its software. That means that EdgeCast introducing ADN services potentially has ripple effects on the ecosystem, in terms of spreading ADN technology more widely.

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  1. Thanks for the info. Since then things change a lot and Edgecast has become one of the leaders. It has SuperPOPs (points of presence) that are located on five continents. Those SuperPOPs allow the end user to get content almost instantly from the location that is the closest to the user. So the user becomes a loyal visitor an visits the website over an over again.
    Also the speed of a website affects the position of the website in all search engines. The faster the website is the higher search engine rankings it has.
    Edgecast constantly works to overperform other CDN networks improving its services. So the website’s owner may be ensure that his website is fast, secured and optimized with Edgecast.
    And now it has resellers with “pay-as-you-go” model and very affordable prices. Like http://jodihost.com, for example.


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