Cloud as a Business Executive Forum

On Wednesday, April 13th, I will be speaking at Joyent’s Cloud as a Business Executive Forum, an all-day event that they’re holding at the Le Meridien Hotel in San Francisco.

I’ll be delivering a presentation on the cloud computing opportunity for service providers, as follows:

Service providers face unprecedented opportunity to grow their revenues and profits and deepen their customer relationships as more and more SMBs and enterprises consider moving their applications to the cloud. But how big, exactly, is the cloud market? From which market segments is the growth coming? How can service providers capitalize most effectively on the growth in the market? How can service providers maximize their margins as cloud products and services rapidly commoditize?

(Per Gartner’s rules for analysts speaking at these kinds of events, my presentation is a market view only, and does not advocate for Joyent.)

The event also includes presentations by Joyent CEO David Young, and chief scientist Jason Hoffman, along with a roundtable discussion with Joyent’s customers and a look at Joyent’s SmartDataCenter software.

If you’re a service provider and are interested in attending, please contact Joyent Sales directly.

The event also anchors my usual monthly visit to the Bay Area, so if you’re interested in meeting in person, please contact your Gartner account executive. (I think my meeting slots have mostly been taken, but these are always somewhat fluid as executive schedules change, and even if I don’t see you this time around, I’ll be back in May.)

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