Cloud tidbits in the press

A few tidbits of cloud computing in the press…

Sun announces plans for a cloud computing service. No details until March, other than a ZDnet interview comment about delivering SaaS and SaaS infrastructure.

Rackspace puts its own spin on cloud. Rackspace now has a “cloud 101” page, most interesting for the results of a recent survey that it commissioned on business awareness of “cloud hosting”. No clear definition is provided for that term, though.

Two IBM scientists write a cloud computing article in Dr. Dobb’s. This article made me blink a great deal, starting from the statement, “Currently, you can create cloud applications through two major implementations: Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Google Application Engine (GAE).” The reduction of the richness of the cloud infrastructure services space to just these two names is a little mind-boggling, and the rest of the article that follows is nearly a marketing glossy — accurate in its superficial overview, but offering nearly no information of actual usefulness to an engineer. I hope for better out of technical journals.

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  1. I think those two scientists were from BBN, not IBM.


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