Research du jour

My newest research notes are all collaborative efforts.

Forecast: Sizing the Cloud; Understanding the Opportunities in Cloud Services. This is Gartner’s official take on cloud segmentation and forecasting through 2013. It was a large-team effort; my contribution was primarily on the compute services portion.

Invest Insight: Content Delivery Network Arbitrage Increases Market Competition. This is a note specifically for Gartner Invest clients, written in conjunction with my colleague Frank Marsala (a former sell-side analyst who heads up our telecom sector for investors). It’s primarily about Conviva but also touches on Cotendo, but its key point is not to look at particular companies, but to look at technology-enabled long-term trends.

Cool Vendors in Cloud Computing Management and Professional Services, 2009. This is part of our annual “cool vendors” series highlighting small vendors whom we think are doing something notable. It’s a group effort, and we pick the vendors via committee. (And no, there is no way to buy your way into the report.) This year’s picks (never a secret, since vendors usually do press releases) are Appirio, CohesiveFT, Hyperic, RightScale, and Ylastic.

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