Gartner BCM summit pitches

I’ve just finished writing one of my presentations for Gartner’s Business Continuity Management Summit. My pitch is focused upon looking at colocation as well as the future of cloud infrastructure for disaster recovery purposes. (My other pitch at the conference is on network resiliency.)

When I started out to write this, I’d actually been expecting that some providers who had indicated that they’d have formal cloud DR services coming out shortly would be able to provide me with a briefing on what they were planning to offer. But that, unfortunately, turned out not to be the case in the end. So the pitch has been more focused on do-it-yourself cloud DR.

Lightweight DR services have appeared and disappeared from the market at an interesting rate ever since Inflow (many years and many acquisitions ago) began offering a service focused on smaller mid-market customers that couldn’t typically afford full-service DR solutions. It’s a natural complement to colocation (in fact, a substantial percentage of the people who use colo do it for a secondary site), and now, a natural complement to the cloud.

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